Crislu Jewelry

CRISLU is a brand dedicated to creating exquisite classic and contemporary jewelry collections that offers women a range of high style designs, unparalleled quality and unprecedented affordability. Founded in 1961, CRISLU is proud to be in the business of jewelry design for over 50 years. Now a celebrated multinational brand, the CRISLU name is synonymous with affordable luxury, high style and exquisite quality. 

CRISLU is committed to crafting the jewelry in ways that are socially and environmentally friendly. CRISLU works entirely with Cubic Zirconia which is created in a lab, diamond mining's environmental damage and diamond's role in political conflict are bypassed altogether. The use of Cubic Zirconia actually helps preserve our environment. 

CRISLU’S Cubic Zirconia stones are cut into a total of 58 facets, giving CRISLU Cubic Zirconia the same reflective qualities as a diamond. Named by InTouch magazine "a smart substitute for pricey precious stones" CRISLU has been worn by Hollywood stars such as Paris and Nikki Hilton, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kim Basinger.

CRISLU Jewelry is made of precious sterling silver finished in Platinum or 18K Gold (never cause any irritation to skin!) with diamond quality cubic zirconia, handset with prongs. Crislu has unique jewelry designer inspired by artisans and Crislu designers. Crislu is a perfect gift for any occasion, evening, daytime, formal, casual, travel, weddings and special events. 

Best Accents is an Authorized Retailer of CRISLU Jewelry & Guarantee all Authenticity. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note size and color may vary and may not be actual